The [1]SomeOrdinaryGamers YouTube channel was created back in March 2012, by a man from Canada named Mutahar Anas. At first, his YouTube channel contained some Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time gameplay videos. But not too long, he made his first Creepypasta series that is well known as, "Haunted Gaming" A series dedicated to gaming creepypastas from other wikis or his own wiki. He later made 4 more

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He later made 5 more series about, Lost episodes, Sh*tpastas/Sh*ttypastas, Trollpastas, Rituals, and normal creepypastas. Around mid-2017, Mutahar had mysteriously privated his creepypasta videos. Later he made this video that explains why he privated the videos:

There is a YouTube channel which has a lot of the videos archived but unfortunately not all of them.

Here's a list of all the videos that haven't been officially archived and whether or not they have been archived in some way:

"Sh*tpastas: I Hate M.Rossi / Streetpass Genocide" (FOUND Available on Wayback Machine)

"Sh*tpastas: Ihosy" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Sh*tpastas: Sega Legacy / Wario Land 3" (LOST)

"Sh*tpastas: Xenophillia" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Sh*tpastas: Crystal.HTML / The Man Without a Gamertag" (FOUND Available on Wayback Machine)

"Sh*tpastas: 3 AM for Col Campbell / Burn Baby Burn" (LOST)

"Sh*tpastas: Sonic.exe 2" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Sh*ttypastas: Sonic's Pentagram / He wants his mamma" (FOUND):

"Sh*tpastas: Mega Man: Passcode of Horror" (LOST)

"Sh*tpastas: Playstation Suffer / Super Mario FX Prototype" (FOUND on Wayback machine)

"Sh*tpastas: Conplus" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Sh*tpastas: NFS: The Last Race / Die.avi" (FOUND on Wayback Machine)

"Sh*tpastas: DKC 2: Kreppy Quest" (LOST)

"Lost Episodes: Tom & Jerry VHS" (FOUND):

"Sh*tpastas: Red Tuesday / The True Horrors of Animal Crossing" (FOUND on Wayback machine)

"Lost Episodes: The Black Friday Incident" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Lost Episodes: 1999" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Lost Episodes: Plankton Got Served" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Creepypastas: Squidward's Suicide" (FOUND):

"Haunted Gaming: Ed, Edd, n Eddy: The Game" (LOST)

"Haunted Gaming: Pokemon Obsidian Black" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Creepypastas: Like a Virus" (FOUND AUDIO ONLY)

"Ritualpastas: The Scorpion Ritual" (LOST)

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