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Sonic-16 is a cancelled Sonic game developed by SEGA Technical Institute and based on DiC's Saturday morning television series Sonic the Hedgehog, also known as SatAM. It had larger graphics, a different art style, and a different style of gameplay similar to Prince of Persia and beat 'em up games. The game would have also been more story driven than previous games to link it to the cartoon more. It was ultimately cancelled by Yuji Naka, possibly due to the slower pace.[1]

According to Chris Penn, the game was actually another version of another cancelled Sonic game, Sonic X-Treme.

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Sonic-16 was a departure from the traditional speed-based Sonic games of before. The gameplay was more akin to beat 'em up games with elements of Prince of Persia, and it was less focused on speed. Sonic was given new abilities, such as the ability to climb ledges, and new attacks like the Ring Attack, Buzzsaw, and Spike Blast. The enemies would have included SWATBots and other menacing machines rather than the Badniks of traditional Sonic games. Sally Acorn from SatAM appeared in the game as well.

In addition, Sonic-16 had a radically different look compared to previous games. Instead of simple sprites, the game's characters were fully animated and had more detail.


On April 12, 2008, a demo video was uploaded to YouTube by Mondo Mole. The demo advertised the game's "State-of-the-art animation" and demonstrated its different style of play and Sonic's new moves. It was created by Peter Morawiec and John Duggan and copyrighted by SEGA Technical Institute in November 1, 1993.


Sonic-16 Demo


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