Not to be confused with the Sega Saturn game, Sonic X-Treme.

Sonic Extreme
Sonic Extreme
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Sonic Extreme is a cancelled skateboarding video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Xbox. While the game was never officially released, footage of the game was received very poorly by the video game press.

The find of the prototype

This unreleased game was developed by Vision Scape Interactive.

There was officially a lost video game that was based off the Tech Deck Bare Knuckle Grind for the PC

and also there was a tech deck game that was unlicensed but the name was tech deck bare knuckle grind for xbox and pc the game looks different but similar same engine different assets

and also there was a rocket power game that was canned it is rocket power: zero gravity zone for xbox,ps2,gamecube but the engine was the same for circus rejects

There we're some Cancelled games developed by Vision Scape.

Tiltronica for Xbox

Rocket power zero gravity zone for xbox,ps2,gamecube, the ports of the game are cancelled, so it's only released on the Game Boy Advance.

tech deck bare knuckle grind xbox

samurai jack for xbox

Speedmetals for xbox

and other cancelled games by vision scape interactive


Many critics supported Sega's decision to cancel the game. Game Informer commented that it looked "terrible" and "predictably awful". Computer and Video Games described it as "basically another utterly rubbish skateboarding spin-off". Similarly, VG247 called it "compellingly awful". TeamXbox, while less negative, still noted that the gameplay and level design is still pretty basic. For unknown reasons the spin-off never appeared on the internet until May 1, 2011, footage of the game was uploaded up to YouTube, which was labeled by Game Informer as a "skateboarding spinoff' video game.

UPDATE: In 2016, the demo of the game has been leaked and it's playable here.


Sonic Extreme full race

Sonic Extreme full race

Gameplay footage in Mutiplayer

Some gameplay videos right here

Sonic Extreme Xbox Extended Gameplay Footage

Sonic Extreme Xbox Extended Gameplay Footage

Better quality version

The video showed footage of two characters, Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. The player directed Sonic, on a board, around a skatepark, while performing tricks, with Shadow being controlled by a second player in split screen multiplayer. Three gameplay modes were present: "Mission," "Battle," and "Race". The "Mission" mode involved collecting keys in order to remove locks. The "Battle" mode involved picking up weapons, such as rocket launchers or mines, and attacking other characters. Last was a racing level, in the vein of the boarding segment in Sonic Adventure 2.


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