The Sonic Stadium Message Board (or SSMB for short) is an online forum that launched in 2001-2004 where fans of Sonic the Hedgehog come to discuss various aspects of the Sonic franchise. Like any message board, it contains posts and status messages and the like. However, the servers of the forum aren't the best, and they have crashed before. Many times, in fact. Once during 2009, and more recently, again during March 2015. There have been other times when the site crashed, but these two dates are the most well known. This resulted in many posts and even members being lost.

The 2009 Wipe

As stated before, the forum started in the early 2000s, however, in 2009, the site was deleted and had to be reset. Why did this happen? Well, according to an Admin of the site, it happened due to a complication of events. According to said admin, "It was basically a comedy of errors: Two sets of subscriptions appear on Paypal; we delete the wrong one. We pay, but the subscription isn't linked to our account so the host thinks we haven't. They spend two months sending emails to an account we don't use. They decide to delete everything."

What resulted of this? The entire Forum was erased, like it never existed. Losing most of the posts from whenever the site launched to 2009. The only way to see some of these posts is through The Internet Archive, and only a few of the posts can be seen, the rest remain missing and will forever.

The July 2014 Reset

It was smooth sailing for SSMB after the 2009 server wipe, until March 5th 2015. On that day, SSMB shut down, and didn't return until March 11th, 2015. This happened due to a server problem. During the time of the site being down, the site was replaced with a chat room with a picture of Sonic with the caption saying what had happened. Members were able to discuss what was happening, but no one knew when the site would be back. Of course, the site came back on the 11th, but it didn't come back exactly like when it crashed. The site was reverted back to July 16th 2014, thus meaning that most of the messages and posts from July 17th 2014 to March 5th 2015 were lost. This also includes members who joined during that time, who had their accounts deleted. The only way to see these posts, or at least the ones who survived, is on The Internet Archive.

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