Sonic X GBA Video Volume 2 AKA Sonic X: Chaos Emerald Chaos was a cancelled GBA Video Pak for the Game Boy Advance. It would of had episodes 3 and 4 (Missile Wrist Rampage and Chaos Emerald Chaos) from Season 1 of Sonic X on the cartridge. A few websites have information about it even though it got cancelled. The planned release date was May 11, 2004. It was probably cancelled because of the poor sales.


Missile Wrist Rampage

  • Dr. Eggman unleashes a lethal robot named Missile Wrist to help him crush Sonic and conquer Station Square. Sonic and the robot square off for a showdown, but Missile Wrist seizes Amy. With her as a hostage, Sonic is faced with an impossible choice: save the city or his friend!

Chaos Emerald Chaos

  • It’s pandemonium when a workman accidentally uncovers a Chaos Emerald at a construction site. Eggman races to the scene, but Chris grabs the powerful gem first. Soon Chris and Eggman are locked in soaring struggle as they grapple for the jewel high above Station Square!
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