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The YouTube user "SoulBrothannumbuh3" made 6 videos using footage from the "Arthur" TV series, they dubbed over the footage, and used it out of context by adding sexual themes and innuendos, also giving some of the characters unfitting voices (Ex. DW has a smoker's voice in The Missing Episode, and for most of the other dub's has a male Brooklyn accent)

Although the originals were privatized, re-uploads have been attempted, but most have been removed by Soulbrothanumbuh3. He has yet to remove this DailyMotion upload set, despite his attempts to remove it.

It's currently unknown which videos were uploaded in airing order, but it is known that Arthur the Missing Episode was first and last was Arthur the Missingest Episodes. Also, "Arthur's Missing Homophobic Episode" came before "Arthur's Missing Christmas Episode", as the latter references a song that was featured in the former. A possible Order could be the following:

  • Arthur-The Missing Episode (confirmed first)
  • Arthur-The Other Missing Episode (as it references the first episode a few times)
  • Arthur's Missing Fourth of July Special
  • Arthur's Missing Homophobic Episode
  • Arthur's Missing Christmas Episode (references the above episode and reuses DW's Anti-Jewish views in the 4th of July special)
  • Arthur The Missingest Episode (confirmed last)

Most of the originals were privatized by soulbrothanumbuh3 due to copyright and the explicit nature of the videos (referencing child porn,racism, homophobia,and the use of the word spick). He later removed all of the videos, saying that he didn't find them funny anymore.

The re-uploads that were found on YouTube were taken down in mid December, but reuploaded to MEGA in February 2017. They also have been uploaded to DailyMotion (However, the first few seconds of "Arthur's Missing Homophobic Episode" is missing in this upload)


  • "Arthur - the Missing Episode" - Features clips from the episode "The Rat Who Came To Dinner".
  • "Arthur's Missing Christmas Episode" - Features clips from the special "Arthur's Perfect Christmas".
  • "Arthur's Missing Fourth of July Special" - Features clips from the episode "D.W. Goes To Washington"
  • "Arthur - The Other Missing Episode" - Features clips from the episode "1001 Dads"
  • "Arthur - The Missingest Episode" - Features clips from the episode "Prunella's Prediction"
  • "Arthur - The Missing Homophobic Episode" - Features clips from the episode "Dad's Dessert Dilemma"
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