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Space Cats was an animated series created by Paul Fusco that aired on NBC on Saturday mornings from September 14, 1991 to July 25, 1992. The series is about alien felines from planet Trygliceride-7, which is ruled by their leader D.O.R.C. who tells the Space Cats their new mission. 3 cats, Captain Tom, Scratch, & Sniff are taken to Earth to do the mission tasked.

Only one episode is available online alongside several bumpers. It has yet to be released on home video or on digital services due to poor ratings it received during the original time slot on NBC (which was one of the final few shows to air on the network's Saturday morning lineup before being replaced with TNBC in August 1992). However, there are descriptions of a few of the lost episodes on the show's wikipedia page, & the show is remembered by several people who watched it back then.

The amount of episodes produced is currently unknown as while Wikipedia , & Big Cartoon Database say 13 episodes were produced, some of the episodes have completely different names. This might mean that either the latter site might be using episode names from airings in a different country (most likely the UK), or there might've been more episodes produced that never got to air. This site talks about an episode where a bunch of historical monuments are stolen. The name of that episode hasn't been revealed as of yet, which further goes into the matter behind how many episodes were produced. The show also exists in other languages, Spanish, & German, those of which are lost too. It's unlikely the show got much distribution outside of the USA, Latin America, Germany, & the UK.

On July 6th of 2020, YouTube user TurdMan McQuack said that he bought a bootleg Space Cats DVD from Mexico, but doesn't know where he left it at. 2 months later, it was revealed that his cousin found it, & it turned out to just be a bunch of cartoons including the episode that was already found.

Toonarific has a couple of images of these lost episodes, & a few more images can be found on other websites. There's also a Worthpoint auction for the original pilot scripts, intro scripts, & series bible, the description of the auction saying that this was made in 1984 for Disney.

List of episodes

1. Send In the Clones

2. Stinking Pollution

3. Like Cats To Water

4. Thank You, Masked Man

5. A Recession Is Depression

6. Diamonds Are Furrever

7. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

8. The Incredible Shrinking Monuments (might be the unnamed episode from the site, but the episode described shows them stolen, & not shrunk, so this might just be a similarly named episode with no relation)

9. Blintzcapades

10. A Tale of Two Kitties

11. Mysterious Missing Guests

12. Operation Pine Crud

13. Y.I. Auto

??. Big Fish-Little Fish

??. Cats Hate Water

??. The Hard Life of Hollywood

??. Selling California

??. The Curse of the Mummy(might actually be referring to the comic book?)

??. The Biggest Theft of All Times

??. Full of Bananas!

??. Dreams On Wheels

??. Party Crasher

??. Fast Food Mayhem

??. Professor VonSchtooker And the Temple of God(FOUND)

??. The Tuna That Doesn't Fall From the Tree

??. (no name given)



SpaceCats (Intro-Outro)

This intro might've been exclusive to Chip And Pepper's Cartoon Madness airings.


Spacecats - Live Action Intro

The live action intro used for when it was its own program.


SpaceCats Bumps

Bumpers for both its airings as a standalone program, & as Chip And Pepper "segments".


Area Cats Episode 9 & Shuttle Columbia STS65 Ascent PLBD Opening Onboard See 1994

Video title says episode 9, but the actual name of the episode is "Professor VonSchtooker And the Temple of God".


Gatos espaciales "Space cats" - INTRO (Serie Tv) (1991)

The intro in Spanish.