Space Pirates Episode

Space Pirates is a British children's television series originally shown on CBeebies. It is a mixture of live action and animation, set aboard a space ship which orbits Earth. It stars Luke Toulson as Captain DJ, and features the voice of Radio 1 newsreader Dominic Byrne as an alien news/weather/travel reporter called Zorst. There are 30 episodes which were first shown from 3 November 2007 until 22 March 2008.

"Music to Jump Around To" was the only full episode of the show available on the Internet, but was then taken down and it is unknown if the episode will be mirrored, and the show never saw an official DVD release, and is not available on CBeebies iPlayer. However, there are 5 full episodes up


Space Pirates - 'Music to Cheer Me Up'

on YouTube as of 1 January 2020.

Full Episodes

Music to Drum Along to

Music for Playtime

Music to Paint to

Music that Makes Me Laugh

Music to Listen to on a Journey

Music to Surprise Me

Music to Listen to with Family

Music to Cheer Me Up

Music To Count To

Music To Splash Around To

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