Up until the 1980s, WNJU Channel 47, one of the Spanish language stations in the New York/New Jersey area, would run various older animated shorts in the late evening and/or at the end of the broadcast of Spanish programming. The best-known of these would be the "Que duerman bien" short starring Mac Perro; however, a similar animated PSA has yet to appear online.


The spot stars another cartoon dog (not Mac, though this author remembers them looking similar) with a family of a wife and puppies. Before they have dinner, the father dog notices one of his sons is missing, so he leaves the house to find that he is in the alley where cats are offering him cigarettes.

The dialogue

(as recalled by a YouTube commenter) La union del padre, la madre y los ijos forman una familia mejor y hase mas grande al pais...a proposito (AAAAHHH!!!) Saben donde estan sus ijos en este momento?! The dog goes out on the street and finds his pup being offered a joint by one of the three alley cats! The dog then proceeds to pick up his pup. Then the dog states..."recuerden este pedido, es para el bien de nuestro pais querido!!"

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