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SPAsoft story maker is an educational drag-and-drop story making game for windows 98 and later developed around the early 2000s by SPAsoft.

its assumed it was mostly handed out to schools as no full copy (except for demos that only play stories) has been found for download. [1]

It could be used simply to tell a funny story for the sake of  it, or teach kids languages typically taught in schools like French and Spanish. [2] There aren’t a lot of screenshots in high quality, but it consists of characters drawn in pixels with themes, you can get (from memory) children, adults, wizards and animals. There is also objects (with intractable ones) you can place around to decorate your story scene, with a wide range of backgrounds.


Though Storymaker definitely exists, the SPAsoft situation is odd, with its website now being for a brewery software development company whose existence is hard to confirm when you look into it. [3] On the links page it shows groups they’re affiliated with, though looking at those sites shows no record of SPAsoft, and also has some more untraceable brewery companies named. [4][5]






5: (you have to search SPAsoft yourself because of its html)

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