"You on Kazoo!", otherwise known supposedly as "Special Friends: Starring You on Kazoo", is a seemingly lost 1989 VHS tape. The video has recently gained popularity, as it has become somewhat of a meme thanks to various uploads of clips from the VHS tape.

It was written and directed by Doug Bernstein, who also founded Melissa & Doug with his wife Melissa. 

However, these clips are just that: clips. According to various sources, a full 30 minute VHS version is in circulation, but no copy of it has surfaced online.

The clips on Youtube and other sites are only a portion of the video, being around 5 minutes. One clip is 3:35 long; it was believed to be the full version of the video, and is the one that is most popular online. However, a YouTuber by the name of "Jim VanBlaricum" uploaded a video titled "Crappy Cinema Counsil: You on Kazoo". The video contains scenes not shown in the popular upload. He also states in the description that he has watched the "full 30-minute video" and edited to make the video he posted. This would imply that he has a copy of the VHS, however, he has yet to post it online.

There is also an listing for "Special Friends: You on Kazoo!" which shows a VHS case. A second, variant case can also be found. Both are shown below.

No one knows the true origins of this VHS, and it has many odd occurrences in it. For example, some of the characters seem to have deeper voices than a normal child should. Is this due to editing of the VHS clip? Until a full copy shows up, no one will know.

Here are the two clips:

There also seems to be a second episode of the "Special Friends" series, titled Let's Sing Along. It stars the same kids, and is seemingly made by the same people. The full video is available online. According to Brett Ambler, the infamous "Kazoo Kid" himself, on Twitter, there's a third and final episode, which has yet to surface. The creators of the VHS tape confirmed in an interview with NPR that there are three episodes in the series.

A full copy surfaced thanks to Dead VCR.

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