In 1997, the popular girl group the Spice Girls got their own theatrical movie called Spice World. Several scenes were cut from the film before release, mostly due to then-current events. One such scene saw Gary Glitter in a cameo appearance as himself, but shortly before the film was to be released he was arrested on child porn offenses. The Spice Girls and the production team agreed that it was best for his cameo to be removed from the final print, however, the performance of Glitter's "I'm the Leader of the Gang" was retained (after being re-filmed without him). The original scene can still be viewed in the form of a bootleg recording that was made from a rough cut of the film, (which did the rounds at record fairs).

Another scene of the girls and Clifford dining on pizza and Pepsi at the Dogscoff Manor was taken out. Shots of this sequence are included in a sticker book based on the movie. Other parts of the film were also re-edited in different countries, such as the courtroom scene, which differs very slightly between UK and US versions of the movie. In the US cut, after the Spice Girls are sentenced, the judge (played by Stephen Fry) says, "call Hootie and the Blowfish", whereas in the UK version he says "call Gary Barlow". Additionally, after being embraced by the Spice Girls, Elton John, (in the original cut of the film), remarked "that never happened with Take That...".

There was also mention of Princess Diana in the film, but as she died post-production, the scene was changed. Originally, they were to make a reference to Princess Diana photos, but this was instead changed to a Teletubbies joke. Scenes including the designer Gianna Versace were also shot for the film, but subsequently removed from the final cut because he too died before the film's release. It is currently unknown where the unreleased cut scenes are located, or if any of them still even exist.

Spiceworld Elton John (deleted gag)

Spiceworld Elton John (deleted gag)

A line cut out of the film.