Prior to experiencing mainstream success in the 2010s with songs like "The A Team", "Lego House", "Sing" and most recently "Thinking Out Loud", Ed Sheeran made a little album in 2004 entitled Spinning Man, discussed in the book Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey as follows:

"In 2004, I made my very first album, Spinning Man, named after a picture that my dad had. I burnt the CDs myself and made the covers. There were 14 songs and they were all songs that rhymed. One lyric went: ‘I’m a typical average teen, if you know what I mean.’ There are probably 20 copies of Spinning Man in existence and I have 19 of them. I don’t want anyone else to get hold of a copy. Most of the songs were about a girl called Claire. She was my first love when I was 13. It was a very innocent love and we only ever held hands, but it lasted a fair amount of time. Then came my first devastating break-up. Looking back, it really wasn’t that bad, but at the time it was soul-shattering. When she left me, I wrote a lot of songs off the back of it – my first love songs."[1]

An eBay listing for the album[2] from January 15th claims that the track listing was as follows.


2. MISERY (4.53)

3. ON MY MIND (4.03)

4. NO MORE WAR (4.27)


6. ADDICTED (3.00)

7. BUTTERFLY (2.41)

8. CONCORD (3.19)

9. CRAZY (4.09)

10. BROKEN (3.28)

11. CELEBRITY (2.32)

12. SLEEP (2.30)

13. MINDLESS (2.54)

14. I LOVE YOU (2.50)

Some of these songs were made available on Ed's EP The Orange Room but others have not been released.

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