Slendybob is a YouTube Poop Horror series Created by A Knight's Night on 2015 So some bloody and gore Scene however the series However there's a Final episode is call Slendybob 12 -There Will Be Blood On July 11 2018 A Knight's Night upload the last episode of Slendybob and it was great However it was taken down By Viacom due to the name of Spongebob On the title so the video was lost However By Youtube User name datboi blazeswag420 Upload the reupload version of Slendybob 12 But the video was still missing such as A patreon Shoutout scene also on December 10 2019 Youtube User name datboigaming109 Upload the full video and it was Found Only with Low quality

Slendybob 12 Thumbnail From a Kinght's Night Channel.jpg

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