In 2011 S4C aired a dub of Spongebob Squarepants called Spynjbob Pantsgwâr Produced by Tinopolis, it was different from most dubs of the show because all the signs and title cards were translated, However some episodes are available on BBC iPlayer at [1]

Found Episodes

Suction Cup Symphony (Symffoni'r Sugnwr)

Not Normal (Bod yn Normal)

Gone (Y Diflaniad Mawr)

Gullible Pants (Bob yn Ail)

Slimy Dancing

Night Light (Golau Nos)

Overbooked (Dros Bob Man)

The Pink Purloiner (Y Lleidr Llechwraidd)

The Gift Of Gum (Gwm i Gyfail)

Cephalopod Lodge (Cyfrinfa Sephalopod)

Partially Found Episodes on BBC iPlayer or S4C

Bucket Sweet Bucket (Abwydal-gi - Hip neu Sgip?)

The Krusty Sponge (Y Sbynjdy)

Penny Foolish (Ceiniog Loyw) (Low Quality)

Roller Cowards (Dwrn o Boen)

Best Day Ever (Y Dydd Gorau 'Rioed)

Stanley S. Squarepants (Smonach Stanley)

The Inmates Of Summer (Ynys Haf)

Voice Actors

Dewi Rhys Williams as Spongebob Squarepants (Spynjbob Pantsgwâr)

Rhys Parry Jones as Patrick Star (Padrig)

Richard Elfyn as Squidward Tentacles (Sulwyn Serbwch) Mr. Krabs (Mr. Cranci) and Plankton (Al-gi)

Siân Naomi as Sandy Cheeks (Tina Tywod)

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