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Steve irwin death

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The "supposed" recorded video.

The "supposed" recorded video.
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On September 4, 2006, Steve Irwin was fatally attacked by a stingray while filming a documentary off the coast of Australia. As they were filming at the time, the deadly strike was captured on video. According to colleague John Stainton, Irwin came up over the top of the stingray, and the stingray defensively thrusts its spine upward into his chest. He pulled the barb from his chest, and died shortly afterwards.

The footage was handed over to Queensland Police, and eventually ended up in the custody of Irwin's wife, Terri, who states that she never watched the video, and that the footage had been destroyed. Despite this, several supposed screenshots and a portion of the video have turned up online, although neither's validity has ever been confirmed, and the screenshots look nothing like the footage in the video.

UPDATE 22 Mar '14: Nearly two weeks ago, Justin Lyons, the cameraman who filmed Irwin's death, gave a 15 minute tell-all interview on Australian morning show Studio 10, in which he recounted the entire event and its aftermath in detail.

He revealed that along with footage of the actual attack, an additional cameraman had also recorded the crew performing CPR on Irwin in the moments following, as it was a 'rule' of Irwin's to have his crew continue filming despite any accidents or injuries.

When asked about a possible release of the footage, he replied "never", "out of respect for everyone", also confirming that he is no longer in possession of a copy, stating "I don't know what's happened to it, but I suspect that it's gone. It'll never see the light of day, hopefully".

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