"Run With Us" performed by Steve Lunt
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"Run With Us" was a song created for The Raccoons, a highly successful and popular Canadian cartoon that ran on various networks from 1985 to 1992. It was originally performed by songwriter Steve Lunt, and later covered by Lisa Lougheed, but Lunt's full studio version has never resurfaced.


Steve Lunt originally wrote and performed "Run With Us" in late 1985. It played in parts of the first episode of The Raccoons series, and as the original ending theme for the series. The song was also produced by Jon Stroll and series creator Kevin Gillis.

During the second season, it was covered by Lisa Lougheed, who provided other incidental songs for the series, and the voice of Lisa Raccoon. This version of "Run With Us" was released as a single in 1987 and as part of Lougheed's album, was used during the credits for the remainder of the series, and even received a music video.


A fanmade reconstruction of Lunt's version

A fanmade reconstruction of Lunt's version

Unlike Lougheed's more popular version, Lunt's original version was never released to home media, and does not exist outside its original use in The Raccoons episodes. It has been claimed that Lunt's version appears on "Run With Us" singles from the United Kingdom, listed as a remix on the labels, but this has not been confirmed.[1] There is a Canadian release from 1987 that lists two versions of "Run With Us", with the A-side being assumed to be Lougheed's version, and the B-side being a track of the exact same length, which is also approximately as long as Lunt's version.[2] The single is extremely rare, and digital rips of it do not exist at this current time.

There have been many fanmade attempts to put together a full-length track of Lunt's original, but these include sound effects and character voices, and no third verse, if Lunt's version has one like Lougheed's. A noiseless full length copy of the original "Run With Us" has yet to resurface.


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