Stop (Unreleased 1993 Sega Genesis/Sega Game Gear game)

Sega and Capcom were going to release a game called Stop for the Sega Genesis and the Sega Game Gear. It was unreleased because the game was deemed too difficult for the age demographic it was designed for. Now only five copies of Stop exist. The game was going to be made for the Sega Genesis and the Sega Game Gear but was never released.

Stop prototype.jpg

The game Stop was going to be released on September 12th 1993, but was cancelled. The only known maker of the games are an unknown man by the name of Tom Omparence (and it is assumed that Keiji Inafune, and Yuji Naka were involved in the development of the game too). Three copies are owned by Sega, and two copies are owned by Capcom.

The game features a racoon named Rory and a cat named Amy. The game starts with Rory playing with Amy and they drop their ball into the "never-ending road". So the game is a puzzle game that the main objective is to turn all the stop signs to where all the cars will stop so that Rory and Amy can go through. There are 14 worlds and 18 levels in each world. Each world has a boss and each boss gives you a certain power up. The bosses names in order are: Sally Shark, Flying Frank, Billy Bird, Jimmy Jellyfish, Danny Dragon, Flo the Flower, Ella Elephant, Gummy Goat, Timmy Turkey, Berty Bear, Bertha Badgercelia Carp, Harry Hippo, and Jerimiah the Jumbo Shrimp. At the end of the game, Jerimiah takes the ball and threatens to pop it. Once you beat him he cries and says he just want's a friend, so naturally Rory and Amy become his friends. Thats how the game "STOP" ends. The prototype pictured here was found on July 26th, 2015.

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