Lost Media Archive

Stop Draggin' My Car Around was a song made by "Weird Al" Yankovic song from the year of 1983, and right now has three whole demos, however, these demos are today lost, the only demo that isn't lost is the 1st demo, the 2nd maybe was uploaded to youtube, but it got deleted, and the 3rd demo was never uploaded, also all of these demos appeared in the year of 1981 on the dr. Demento show



demo #1: found

demo #2: found

demo #3: found

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update #1: the uploader of the first demo has been asked if he had the other demos recorded

update #2: it turns out that the uploader of the first demo doesn't have the other demos

update #3: I just realized that there's a fake weird al album by the name of medium rareties vol.3, which was sold on esty, but I think it was sold out or taken down by al, as it's no longer available, but on that album, all three demos have been seen to be on this album, so that means, someone does have the demos, and all they have to do is release them to us all

Update #4: turns out that the first demo that the demo that was found is actually the 3rd demo. Also I found the 1st demo

Update: as it turns out the 1st demo isin't really one of these demos, and I have found demo #1 again, I will upload it soon