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"Strokkers" Capítulo piloto.

Strokkers is a Spanish animated series created by Josep Viciana and designed by Roman Rybakiewicz (who also worked as the designer on Connie the Cow) and produced by Neptuno Films.

Spoofing the world of ‘B’ movies, this series stars a group of high school students/superheroes whose combined IQ still comes up a bit short of a dollar. Calling themselves Strokkers, these challenged champions set about saving the world from exaggeratedly campy monsters like The Blob and the Monster of the Abyss.

No episodes are available online and they remain stored away in Neptuno Film's archives. All that is available to the public is a short clip (with no audio) uploaded by Oscar 3D on Vimeo and an animated GIF of some clips of the show has been posted on Roman Rybakiewicz's RomanART website.