Stunt Car Racer (cancelled Atari Jaguar game)

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Stunt Car Racer was an Atari Jaguar game that was going to be released, but never got a release at all. As of 2018, no gameplay footage has been found, & only a single screenshot exists of the game's existence. It's unknown why the game was cancelled, but I could speculate 3 reasons: 1.the Atari Jaguar lost popularity throught its life span, 2.Atari could've rejected the game after seeing the results, or 3.the developer of the game was about to go defunct. This 1 screenshot can only be seen on "Atari Jaguar - Unreleased Games - Part 2". The developer of this game is completely unknown with nothing known about their existence.

Atari Jaguar - Unreleased Games - Part 2
skip to 0:30 for screenshot Atari Jaguar - Unreleased Games - Part 2
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