Styled tangent 6 gaming was a youtuber knows for talking about games like Mario or sonic. the youtuber was created by a kid who has yellow hair color and

the only image i can find

tan skin. the videos he makes were stolen from a another YouTube looks very similar named

Nathaniel Bandy which he also make videos about games. the video were edited and to record all by himself. in 2016 Sep 11

bandy upload a video called ''MY VIDEOS WERE STOLEN!!'' when Nathaniel himself saw the identical videos he made. Styled tangent 6 gaming real name is jimi when bandy was angry at the youtuber for stealing his videos. jimi posted the last video

called '' ask jimi '' when his channel got deleted by jimi himself due to copyright. the original videos including jimi voice was lost

and the jimi voices can be heard in Nathaniel Bandy watching jimis videos. here's the Video

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