Super Mario 128 is a cancelled game first shown at SpaceWorld 2000. It was a tech demo and a potential game for the GameCube/Wii. This game has 128 Marios in the game. The Marios could manipulate the terrain by bringing the structure up and down, and they could also change the board to a pizza. This was to test the large amounts of bots that the GameCube could handle, a deed that was nearly impossible for the Nintendo 64.

History of Super Mario 128 

The name Super Mario 128 first came up in an issue of Nintendo Power from 1997. It said that the name "Super Mario 128" was a possible name for a Super Mario 64 sequel. In 2005, Reggie Fils-Aime said that Super Mario 128 would make an appearance at E3, but it did not. That same year, Miyamoto gave some information on the game. He said that Mario would be in a game with a new character by his side and that it would not be on the GameCube but on the Wii.

A gameplay screenshot.


Gaming Mysteries Super Mario 128 Tech Demo (GCN Wii)-0

A video of speculation on Super Mario 128 made by yuriofwind.

What Happened to Super Mario 128

In 2006, Miyamoto confirmed that Super Mario 128 was cancelled, but many elements of the game were used in Metroid Prime, Super Mario Galaxy, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. In 2007, Miyamoto said after his keynote speech that Super Mario 128 was turned into the Pikmin games. 


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