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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is an American children's television program from 1989. It would have a live-action segment with Captain Lou Albano as Mario and Danny Wells as Luigi. The live action segments were about Mario and Luigi's life before they warped into the Mushroom Kingdom. These live-action segments would always have celebrity guests. It was followed by a cartoon about Mario and Luigi's lives after they were warped into the Mushroom Kingdom.

On Fridays, the Super Mario cartoons were replaced with a Legend of Zelda cartoon. There were still Mario live-action segments. And only 5 of these were on the complete series DVD of Zelda. Those segments were "Fred Van Winkle", "Defective Gadgetry", "Pizza Crush", "Wild Thing", and "The Great Hereafter". The live action segment, "Slime Busters" was on a separate DVD called "Mario Mania", and the segments "Magic's Magic" and "The Ghoul of My Dreams" were on VHS. In total, there were 13 live-action segments that aired with the Zelda episodes. Out of these 13, only 11 are on YouTube. The other two are the lost ones. Those are "The Treasure of Sierra Brooklyn" and "The Magic Love".

In later years, four of the live action segments were not included on the second volume DVD set of the show due to legal issues, which were last seen on the Family Channel (now Freeform) in 1994. On streaming services, they were replaced by four of the remaining segments from the late Club Mario series.

Missing Segments

  • The Treasure of Sierra Brooklyn (Partially found, First half found in German)
  • The Magic Love (Partially found, English dub lost)

Missing since departure from SMBSS after 1994

  • Baby Mario Love
  • 9001: A Mario Odyssey
  • Texas Tea
  • George Washington Slept Here

Note from author: If you have any, please email me (Splouge) with a download link to them. My email address is mrsplouge@aol.com. I will accept any video format, including torrents. Thank you.

UPDATE: YouTube user, marioxb uploaded a short cell phone recording of the first 20 seconds of "The Treasure of Sierra Brooklyn". According to the video description, he says he'll upload the full version he has as soon as he gets a capture card. Unfortunately, the video tape cuts out shortly after the Zelda cartoon ended, so the entire episode still wouldn't be found.


Short cell phone clip- SMB Super Show Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn

UPDATE: Youtube user, marioxb uploaded more of the video with a camera.]


Longer Sierra Brooklyn clip

UPDATE: The first half of the Magic Love segment has been posted in Swedish.

UPDATE: The first half of Treasure of Sierra Brooklyn found in German.

UPDATE: The rest of the Magic Love segment has been posted in Swedish. The English version remains entirely lost.