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"Super Why!" is an American-Canadian CGI TV Series which is about Whyatt and the other Super Readers jumping into books to solve their everyday problems. It had a UK dub which aired on Nick Jr. sometime in 2008 before it was pulled out of air in December 2013 or January 2014. DVDs of the dub were never released nor produced.

Also, Promos Have been found in continuity’s using the UK dub in these videos This One and This One, It later moved to Tiny Pop but they aired the US dub, The US dub is on Netflix . Sometime in 2020, shaunarchive's account was deleted, along with the video archives of the show's dub.


Unknown Dates

A clip has been found of the uk dub: (Click here), Another clip (Click here) https://youtu.be/GGJNYG1Sc4c

The show’s UK version of the theme song (Click here)


There were some minor alterations done to the UK dub of the show, such as the dialogue, names and phrases.

  • In the beginning of each episode, Whyatt will say "My name is Whyatt", instead of his usual phrase, "It's me Whyatt!".
  • The characters don't speak in slang phrases in the UK dub, and say simpler phrases for the UK audience to understand what the characters are saying.
  • When the Super Readers encounter a problem, Whyatt will say "This is a really big problem", instead of "This is a super big problem".
  • American terms such as "eraser" is changed to the British vernacular such as "rubber", for example.
  • The Super Readers will no longer say their original catchphrases in the UK dub, such as omitting Red's catchphrase "Double drat!" and replacing it with "Oh bother!".


  • The UK dub never aired on Tiny Pop.
  • Seasons 2 & 3 of this Series and Woofster were never dubbed.
  • Seasons 2 & 3 never aired in the UK.


  • Super Why/Whyatt Beanstalk - John Campbell
  • Alpha Pig/Littlest Pig - Samuel Woodward
  • Wonder Red/Red Riding Hood - Abriella Bierer
  • Princess Presto/Princess Pea - Harriet Perring