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In 1999, Superman: The New Superman Adventures was released on the Nintendo 64 by Titus Software, a now-defunct French based studio. Superman 64 was met with alot of negative attention and reception, for being buggy, frustrating, having bad controls and having bad graphics and textures. The game did sell very well. However, another studio called BlueSky Software, was working on a PS1 port of the N64 game. It was going to be a downright port of the N64 version. However, since the PS1 couldn't handle the free-roaming Metropolis city, BlueSky had to re-create the game from scratch. It was going to be published by Titus.

A demo was made and shown to the Playstation Museum. The game was fully developed, there were magazine ads, pre-orders and it got officialy licensed by Sony. However, BlueSky lost rights to the Superman franchise, forcing them to cancel the game, in order to avoid copyright issues. The same thing happened with the GBA version.

Titus and BlueSky software lost alot of money because of the pre-orders. It was almost leaked more then once. It is estimated that 3 collectors have the game. One who made a post on the Assembler Games website. Giving info about it's files, the SLUS code and more. He only wanted to release it for a amount of cash. However, many people saw problem in this, and out of frustration, the OP supposedly broke the disc and ereased the backup ISO he had. There was another post made on Assembler about the game, as there was more leaked gameplay shown, and someone posted on the same thread that he had the game, but lost it. He said he is searching for it. There are some leaked video's of the game on YouTube; multiple prototypes leaked in December 2020.



22, 2000 Prototype|thumb|330x330px]]


(Part 1) Superman -Unreleased PlayStation version- - June 22, 2000 Prototype


(Part 2) Superman -Unreleased PlayStation version- - June 22, 2000 Prototype

Internet Archive upload of the rom: https://archive.org/details/psx-superman-titus-software-prototype-06-22-2000_202012


(Part 3) Superman -Unreleased PlayStation version- - June 22, 2000 Prototype


Superman (PlayStation, Unreleased) - Preview