Sylvan (English opening)

Sylvan is a Spanish animated series produced by D'Ocon Films and created by Antoni D'Ocon.

The show centers on the character, Sylvan and his "heroic fantasy adventures in the Middle Ages. Sylvan is a swordsman hero of King Charles, who defends and protects the kingdom from the evil forces".

Copies of the original series are hard to find, especially in Catalan, Spanish, or English, and most people might assume the episodes are just a series of short films made by high-schoolers in Adobe Flash, even though the show "came out, and got cancelled before flash existed."

A English dub was produced, however, only the intro has surfaced on the internet.

The dub might have aired in the United States, and according to a comment on this page this dub aired in South Africa. According to StrikerSA, a well-known Road Rovers fan-artist from South Africa, the show aired in SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) and sometimes has reruns on kykNET.

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