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Muppet Music Video

several short unidentified clips can be found in this video


JuliePetunia's FAVORITE CliPS- AGAiN!i!i!

several short clips are played in this montage

Sylvester Parkview was a puppet based YouTube channel made by puppeteer Samuel Santiago. This channel was around for about a year until it was deleted due to nasty reviews. Snippets from these videos can be found in videos on Samuel's additional channels but only one full clip is still available. Samuel would soon open a new channel called Pupepepets but his Sylvester Parkview videos have yet to surface again. It is most likely that these videos have been deleted permanently so we may never see these in their entirety.

Samuel mentioned in a Instagram live stream that the channel name came from the name of his ghetto school (Parkview High). He also said he isn't sure whether or not these have been saved on his computer or anything


The only full video available

the only full video available