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T-Runner is a Commodore 64 game developed in 1987 by NEXUS. It was described by ACE magazine issue 4 as a Marble Madness type game. The story of the game goes like this:

"After 300 years of lying idle, the central computer has gone haywire and its all up to you to sort it out...".

The game was going to be released aroudn Christmas of 1987, but NEXUS went down before they could, & no publisher is known to have picked it up. It's most likely the game was either cancelled, or picked up by a small company,& quietly released. To this day, no copies of the game have surfaced, though the ACE magazine does show a screenshot of the game.

T-Runner story as shown.

A different story, most likely not related to the game itself.

A screenshot is shown on this one.