TTTEvstar was a YouTuber who produced videos from late 2011? to late 2019 and he was one of the members of WTLNetwork, alongside Sam (Lead Pooper), JT, JayHe and until 2011, Chazlar. He was mostly known for his YTPs (Youtube Poops) of shows like Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Huxley Pig, The Trapdoor and the Mr Men, so mostly old Childrens shows, When the FTC fined Youtube for tracking data on Children, Youtube were going to set out some changes, Many Youtubers (Youtube Poopers included) protested this new rule because if they set it to "Not For Kids" they would get a fine of $42,000, How did Evstar react to this new rule?, he put all his videos to age restricted.One day his channel was closed down probably due to the new rule in late 2019, since then not many of his videos have resurfaced, some of his older videos can be found on Dailymotion via his account The rest of his videos remain lost to this day.

UPDATE 1 I found a video!


I had a video on my computer and I decided to reupload it for archival reasons


More YTPs are found!


Four more YTPS are Found, all were uploaded by user ButtCrackBart

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