Lost Media Archive

a screenshot of episode 2

Possible screenshot from a episode/short


TVCrestwood is a web/tv series produced by the Media Co-Op/ Film and Television Production class at Crestwood High School. Peterborough, Ontario. which contained Short Films, Documentaries, Parodies, Music Videos, etc. but around 2017 the show ended on the 5th season.


it is unknown how many episodes there are or what network and time it aired on. as of 2021 only 4 episodes have been found and they are all divided into 2 parts which makes it more vulnerable to being lost. it's most likely that the rest of the series is lost forever due to the fact that the school behind the show would have to get permission from the students and the people who wrote the licensed music.


a comment on episode 4-2.avi confirms that there are more episodes that yet to be uploaded


the found episodes.