Tail's Nightmare - Intro -Surviving Footage- - 1080p

Tail's Nightmare - Intro -Surviving Footage- - 1080p

Tail's Nightmare is a Machinima series which featured the Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends going on an adventure together to stop a virus from turning people insane in their dreams. The first episode was uploaded to YouTube in 2009 and the last episode was uploaded in 2011. The series lasted 26 episodes before being cancelled by the creator, mrGlitch2000.

The series is considered lost as there is no remaining footage of any of the episodes aside from two episodes and the intro.


The story was originally based on a fan-fic written by DeviantART user, Roninhunt0987. The premise was that Tails, experienced a nightmare whilst going to sleep at his home which foreshadowed horrible things that would happen in the future such as his friends dying at the hands of an unknown entity.

He wakes up from his nightmare to find that the world has been turned upside down and this unknown entity, who is called "The G-Man" is now attempting to hunt him down for an unknown reason. 

This causes Sonic, Amy, Cream and several other characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe to band together and find out what is happening and to stop the nightmare creature, once and for all.

Authors Comments

mrGlitch2000 re-uploaded the only surviving footage of the series which is the intro used for the early episodes. He made several comments in the description for the video.

  • "Roninhunt0987 personally asked me to make a short Garry's Mod video detailing scenes from the fan-fic and I happily accepted his request. One thing lead to another and I started evolving the short into a series that I intended to finish."
  • "The series was taken off YouTube in 2011 due to me being personally uninterested and unmotivated to continue on with the series. I deleted my entire library of uploads with the earliest going all the way back to 2007. I wanted to start a new leaf and do other things than just Garry's Mod shorts."
  • "With that said, the entire series, barring the intro is considered lost due to the fact that I don't have copies of the original video files on my computer. I had to make due with space issues and had to delete videos off from my computer due to the fact that I needed space."


mrGlitch2000's YouTube account

Episode 23: The Secrets

Episode 24: DOOMED

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