Primus is an American rock/metal band that formed in 1984, and released their first (live) album in 1989. In 1995, they released the album "Tales From The Punchbowl", and reissued it in 1996 as an enhanced CD that had a fully interactive feature that let you watch music videos for every song.

However, over time computers became advanced, and as a result, the enhanced CD began to become unplayable. As of now, the only real footage of the music videos is the Tales From The Punchbowl booklet and the back cover of the enhanced CD box itself.

However, a Primus fan known as Inf0dump has made recreations of Over The Electric Grapevine, Mrs. Blaileen, and the cover of Hello Skinny and released them on YouTube, as well as putting a recreation of the tugboat on Reddit. One of the viewers of the recreations tried to get access to the music videos, and claimed only "Hello Skinny" worked before the disc quit working. It is unknown if anyone would be able to access the real music videos on the disc, or if they'd be released elsewhere, but that isn't stopping some fans from trying to access the videos.

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