Six Flags Over Georgia- Tales from the Okefenokee 1967

Tales of the Okefenokee was a Six Flags Over Georgia ride that ran from 1967-1980. In 1968, the Krofft brothers (Sid and Marty) remade the ride with a different soundtrack and different animated figures. While the 1968 audio is online, the 1967 audio is lost[1]. The 1967 ride doesn't have a lot of documentation only a few pictures and a 8mm video. Retro Pizza Zone a forum website about these types of things made a forum with the audio in Dropbox. It was deleted late in 2017. The audio is said to be the 1967 audio[2]. There is still audio in the 8mm video but since a kid is narrating it. You can't hear some of it.

Update: Both the music from the original version and the overhaul are the same. The 1967 audio is just the Queue song.[3]




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