Talking Caillou (Partially Found 2013 iPhone App)

Talking Caillou was an app created by My Talking Toys in 2013,

The app got removed in 2019.

There was a game where you can find animals on Caillou's train, Guess what Caillou is pretending to be.

Caillou can play with his Toy Dinosaur, Toy Plane, Toy Train, Toy Car, and his Toy Rocket Ship.

It was made by Talking Toys

An APK of the app is found.

Here is a Screenshot of the gameplay;

Caillou App Screenshot.jpg


  • Just found a download link for the app but the WayBack Machine is unsuccessful because it is not archived sadly.


  • The game was also available for Android.
  • The creators also created other talking apps like Talking Gummibär, Talking Garfield And Talking Pocoyo.
  • There are 2 versions of this game: a free version and a paid version.
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