Talking Kitty Cat 13 was a Youtube video by stevecash83. This video supposedly reveals some mysterious facts about Sylvester, and would have revealed a character known only as "Todd McNabb."

Its actual existence is still questionable, though it can be assumed that the video was indeed uploaded to Youtube before or after Talking Kitty Cat 14, but was either Privated or set to Unlisted, or wasn't uploaded at all. The only confirmation of it ever existing was a "Lost Footage" video found on a website called "Rufus, Where Are You?" (Wayback Machine), which in turn was part of a discontinued "Scavenger Hunt" set up by Steve Cash on his website, which is no longer accessible as of 2015. The video is heavily distorted, and contains only half of its intended content.

The final clue to the Scavenger Hunt would have been revealed in "The Sylvester Species" but such a video was never made/released. It is unknown if Steve simply forgot about the Scavenger Hunt, or deliberately discontinued it, but it is very unlikely that the full video will ever see the light of day due to Steve Cash's passing in 2020.


Talking Kitty 13 - Wake Up Kitty Secret Footage! - YouTube.flv

Highest quality upload of the Lost Footage video.


  • The video is mentioned in "Talking Kitty Cat 34 - Save Gibson." However, there is no mention of the Scavenger Hunt or any of its' clues.
  • Todd was once again mentioned in "Sylvester's Diary 7 - Sylvester Goes To Hell" where it reveals that he was Sylvester's previous owner in a past life.
  • Forgetfulness is a common symptom of Bipolar Disorder, which Steve himself admitted to having in "Talking Kitty Cat 69 - Sylvester Goes To Court" which would wind up being his final uploaded video. This might explain him forgetting about the Scavenger Hunt.

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