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Talking Starfish Patrick replay

NOTE: The 2015 version of this app is found as an apk file, Which these files can harm your device, So, Be careful.

The app's first icon when it was by a different developer and only made for iOS.

Talking Patrick Star (in 2015 and 2016 as Talking Hilarious Star by a different developer, using the Unity engine) was a former Talking app that was like all the Talking apps, But with Patrick Star. It also had used the backgrounds from SpongeBob SquarePants. It was deleted probably because of copyright issues by Viacom or even the various creators deleted it. Their were 2 versions of this app.

Unike Talking Headz, It was played by only a few users on YouTube. Which is also know that Patrick Star's voice is a unfitting high pitch in the 2015 version. Also, About That, The Song that Patrick is dancing to in the 2015 version is Battle Cry by Rockers Revenge.


2D Version

Talking Patrick star is your new interactive best friend. From Bikini Bottom to your Screen, Patrick repeats anything you say with their own hilarious voice, laugh, shaking and talking, with over 150 exclusive sounds the fun is guaranteed.

The Last Version of The Icon

3D Version (2014)

You have a lot of free time with nothing to do? You just love to shoot a funny video? Fan of Patrick? We have great news for you! Cool game from our developers "Talking Patrick Star" will fulfill all your secret desires! Favorite character - thick starfish Patrick of the famous cartoon "SpongeBob" in your phone! He can not just keep the conversation going - but change into a different outfit, sing a song, play soccer, and much more!

This game is for you, if you want to:

- To see with my own eyes an indescribable game of soccer on the ocean floor

- See the last time a rare sight - Patrick Star game guitar

- Record a video starring Patrick

3D Version (2015, 2016)

You want to have a hilarious sidekick in a cyst in the vacuity which will talk to you, and you'll be converse to him! You will be surprised, because we have created an application that will show you a unique conversation with starfish Patrick! Become a sidekick of his, who had been in a cyst under vacuity, and it will be very cheerful, because you will be able to converse and listen to the counsel of Patrick Star underwater! You'll be an excellent conversationalist who can play with Patrick, have fun, listen to his stories and anecdotes and learn all its secrets! Become a new hilarious sidekick in a cyst under the vacuity, which will be talking on various topics, and receive counsel from the starfish Patrick!

Meet with a representative of the ocean!

- Talk to a real hero on various topics!

- He will tell you hundreds of stories, from which you will laugh!