The Tamagotchi anime is an anime that ran for 4 series, and it started it’s run on TV Tokyo before going to TV Osaka and Hokkaido. However, one thing it doesn’t seem to translate to well is dubs of it, there is a poorly done English and Thai dub, a Cantonese dub, a Mandarin Chinese dub, and a Korean dub, they can be found on YouTube (Korean isn’t available at the moment), but one dub in particular has not been found. That is the GMA 7 Tagalog dub of Tamagotchi!. It’s seen in the Astig Authority 2012 line up. But the intros, endings, and the episodes are nowhere to be found. This is however subject to change as updates may come.


  1. Hey, this is BoyInCharge55 here. In 2012, someone uploaded episode 4 in Tagalog. It then got deleted at some point of time in the 2010s.
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