Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe! is a 2008 children's anime movie based on the long-running Tamagotchi series of toys. It was created as a sequel to the 2007 movie Tamagotchi: The Movie.

This movie's English dub has been long sought after ever since its original broadcast. It was reportedly broadcast on February 25, 2011 in the Philippines and some parts of Southeast Asia under said English title. No online recordings of it exist, however.

There has been a dispute over the voice actors; some say that the voice actors from the first movie and Let's Go! Tamagotchi dubbed it, others say that the voice actors from the English dub of the 2009 anime done at Bright Way Productions (which, despite being done in the United States, only aired in Australia). This has yet to be confirmed, though. However, Hapihapitchi's voice in the dub was reportedly described as an "ear bleeder" by someone.


  • UPDATE 1 (JULY 30, 2019): A few days ago, someone posted the movie in Japanese with English subtitles. This is the closest we'll get to seeing it in English, but click here if you want to see it.
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