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Team Angel is an unaired American fantasy action series that was originally distributed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment of America and Renaissance Atlantic respectively. It was created by the BANDAI America's former president, Frank Ward, and Dani Dave.

The series features the Team Angel with four heroic angels that live in another dimension with some mythical themes. Whenever danger is near on Earth, the angels transport to the planet and prepare to the rescue against thieves, near vehicle crashes, fires, and even tornadoes.

Team Angel was considered a first attempt into making an Americanized Sailor Moon since the unaired series of Sailor Moon by Toon Makers Inc. While many fans were on search for the lost pilot of the Toon Makers series, it still has not been found until Frank Ward recalls his show with a video cassette that contains a theme song/music video of Team Angel, with was created on February 19, 1998(3 years after the original Sailor Moon was released in the United States) and lasting for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Of course the show was never released in public and had been kept in shelves until later revealed on around 2018.


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