Team Umizoomi is an American animated TV show that airs on Nick Jr. In the UK, a British dub of the show airs. Many clips of the UK dub are on the Nick Jr. UK website, the show was a runaway success with kids in the UK to the point where Merchandise was produced like Toys, DVDs (in which the UK only got the 1st one) and Video Games (yes you heard me, Team Umizoomi Video Games)

The show ran for 4 seasons totaling 78 episodes (2 of which were two parters)

Known Voice Actors

  • Olivia Lennon as Milli
  • Alexandra Bieror as Geo
  • David Holt as Bot (Season 1-3)
  • Andy Turvey as Bot (Season 4 only)


  • some clips of the dub

  • full episodes!AkMwLTytEm8pfa6UpuVHQgwEhyI

  • partial episodes

  • Opening Title song (Season 1)

  • Opening Title song (Season 2-3)

  • Opening Title song (season 4) [Picture Only]

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