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Tecwyn y Tractor (Tec the Tractor in the English version) is a Welsh children's series created by Apollo and S4C, it was based on the books created by Margiad Roberts, who also did the scripts for the episodes. It first aired on Christmas Day in 1998 on S4C's morning block, Planed Plant Bach. It ran for 65 episodes featuring narration by Dyfan Roberts, music by Geraint Cynan and the opening theme song by famous Welsh singer, Bryn Fon.

The series was a big success in Wales, that in November of 1999, it won the Bafta award for "Best Pre-School Series", beating other shows like Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and The Animal Shelf. The series only so far has 3 VHS releases by S4C and would be re-released on DVDs in 2008 by Sain Records. Then, in the same year, the show came over to the United States on a channel called BabyFirst TV. Where, they kept the narrator and renamed everything the elements from the show to make it more appealing to the American audience. Tecwyn was renamed to "Tec", Twm became "Tommy", Moi became "Roy", Nanw became "Molly", Cadi became "Katie" and Tyddin Difyr became "Family Farm".

It wouldn't be until 2017, where a user named luke brough uploaded 12 of the Welsh episodes into YouTube. And the official Tec the Tractor uploaded the English versions of the episodes (yet despite not uploading the episodes that haven't been on YouTube yet) on the same year. Unfortunately, the creator of the books, Margiad Roberts, took down the episodes and both of the channels down as she didn't want to see her creation on YouTube. So, the show is now rare, Speaking of Tecwyn it is currently unknown where He went when the show was cancelled.

However, on the 28th of October, Luke Brough uploaded episodes from the first Welsh DVD onto his Wayback Machine account. On the next day, he uploaded the next 2 Welsh DVDs.

The episodes

So far, 12 of the 65 episodes have been released on home media on VHS and DVD and some English episodes can be seen online.

1. Tecwyn Yn y Sioe

2. Tân Gwyllt

3. Dipio

4. Genedigaethau

5. Y Sioe Fach

6. Jac Codi Baw

7. Rali Ffermwyr Ifanc/Young Farmers' Rally (English version found)

8. Dannedd

9. Sioe Beirianau (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201029_1946)

10. Gwair

11. Tarw/Benji the Bull (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201029_1946)

12. Ysgol/Tec Goes to School (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201029_1946, English version found)

13. Brêcs

14. Nadolig

15. Cneifio/Shearing Sheep (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201028)

16. Sgidiau Newydd (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201029_1026)

17. Diwrnod Gwyntog (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201029_1026)

18. Wyau Pasg

19. Wyau

20. Wyna

21. Codi Tatws

22. Meic y Motorbeic

23. Aredig

24. Godro/Milking the Cows

25. Siôn Corn (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201029_1026)

26. Hau Llwch

27. Ffair/A Day at the Fair

0. Gwarchod

0. Crempog

0. Corn

0. Santes Dwynwen

0. Gwely a Brecwast

0. Torri Gwrychoedd

0. Clown

0. Ysbyty

0. Sw

0. Lladron Wyau

0. Tecwyn Yn Cael Cariad (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201029_1946)

0. Caws

0. Amser

0. Plannu Coed

0. Cab

0. Brecs

0. Carreg Ateb

0. Diwrnod Marchnad

0. Concrito/Concrete Troubles (English version found on Dailymotion)

0. Picnic Ar y Traeth/Picnic on the Beach (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201028, English version found)

0. Gwyliau

0. Mabolgampau

0. Y Llwynog

0. Tecwyn Drwg

0. Plannu Da-Da/Planting Sweets

· Penblwydd/Happy Birthday (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201028, English version found online)

· Byrnau Mawr/Big Bales (Welsh version found https://archive.org/details/untitled_20201028)

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