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Terkel in Trouble (also known as Terkel i Knibe in Danish or The Trouble with Terkel in English) is a Danish adult CGI animated film is about a boy named Terkel & his best friend named Jason, The boys who are bullies are named Sten & Saki, A girl who have a crush on Terkel named Doris, she kill herself by jumping off the window from school after being bullied by Sten & Saki because of Terkel faked rejected her. They also have both English dubs, The US dub was called "The Trouble with Terkel". And The UK dub was called by the same title as the Danish dub, but sadly both US and UK dubs can't be found anywhere.

Found Stuff


Terkel in Trouble Trailer (US version)

Terkel in Trouble Trailer (UK version)

A rare English dub clip was found on Vimeo.

The US version seems to be available for rent and purchase on the Microsoft Store. It also appears as for sale as DVD on their offical distributers website.


  • On Amazon, Terkel In Trouble have been release on DVD with Danish dub with English subtitles. (Link)
  • From every watch online site, they used to have "Terkel In Trouble" full movie in English and years later the english dub was unavailable and they were no longer showing the results for "Terkel In Trouble".

Known Voice Actors (UK dub)

  • Terkel - Adrian Edmondson
  • Barry Cremone - Bill Bailey
  • Jason, Osprey, and Nigel (Sten) & Saki - Ben Bishop
  • Sheila - Olivia Colman
  • Fiona (Rita) & Doris - Helena Roman
  • Justin - Toby Stephens
  • Uncle Stewart - Johnny Vegas
  • Leon - Tim Everett
  • Joanna and Sally - Melaine Cooper

Known Voice Actors (US dub)

  • Terkel - Mike Olsen
  • Barry Cremone - Richard Janes
  • Doris - Vanessa Gomez
  • Saki - Jake Goldman
  • Nigel (Sten) - Stephen Ji
  • Lucy (Rita) - Nuria Garba
  • Jason - Eve Mauro
  • Joanne (Joanna) - Carrie Keagan
  • Uncle Stewart - Chad Ridgely