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One night at Jeffy's was an sml and fnaf fan game, which was owned by janmaar03 the game was about you being in the sml studio. There were three games made and released, which were One night at Jeffy's, One night at Jeffy's 2, and One week at Jeffy's (or One night at Jeffy's three), there was even a fourth game planned, but the creator deleted all of his games, even the ones that weren't in the one night at Jeffy's series. One night at Jeffy's, One night at Jeffy's 2 and One week at Jeffy's, have been partly found by old youtube videos, one night at Jeffy's also got a fan remake

One night at Jeffy's: partly found

One night at Jeffy's 2: partly found


One week at Jeffy's: found by a series of videos video1 video2 video3

One week at Jeffy's 2 (I guess that's how the fourth game in the series would have been called): unconfirmed if any work has been done

update: I found the dead link to the 2nd game

update #2: I tried to use the dead link of the 2nd game on the Wayback machine, and it didn't go so well

update #3: I did the same thing again but with janmaar05's account, and I got the same resultt

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