The Addams Family Fun-House 1973
Addams Family Fun House
First Published in Castle of Frankenstein Magazine issue 21
Status Lost
The Addams Family Fun-house is a 1973 unsold pilot that was aired on various channels during the 1973 and 1974 season. It was a variety show and included musical numbers as well as skits. One blogger remembers a "dance party sequences" that he states is similar to a "Laugh-In" sequence, he also states that the dancing is interrupted for one-liners.

Some of the gags featured blue-screen effects. When somebody opens a door, it reveals a filmed sequence of a skydiver.

The program was episodic with different segments that looked as though they were going to be repeated throughout the series. One such sequence featured the family reminiscing about the past while sitting around a large family album.


Jack Riley as Gomez Addams

Liz Torres as Morticia Addams

Butch Patrick as Pugsley Addams 

Stubby Kaye as Fester Addams

Noelle Von Sonn as Wednesday Addams

Felix Silla as Cousin Itt

Pat McCormack as Lurch

Jim Nabors as Himself


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