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The episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario originally featured the song Wipeout. However, in syndication and on the DVD, the song is replaced with an instrumental of Mega Move, a song from the episode of Captain N called The Feud of Faxanadu. This was also used for other episodes of Super Mario Bros. 3 that featured copyrighted songs. However, there is a difference between those episodes and Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario. The difference is that those songs are on Youtube in English. The original version of Mind Your Mummy Mommy Mario is not on Youtube (or any other website) in English. It is only available in Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. It is unknown if it ever will be seen in English. Even in an SMB3 TV to DVD comparison video on YouTube, the Swedish audio is used for the Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario TV version. Another piece of lost audio is the original sound effects in an English version.

UPDATE 10/14/14: It has been found here! Although a better quality version is wanted.

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