The Amazing World of Gumball (also known simply as just Gumball) is a British-American animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network. Produced primarily by Cartoon Network Studios Europe, it first aired on May 3, 2011. The series revolves around the lives of 12-year-old Gumball Watterson, a blue cat, and his best friend—adoptive brother goldfish Darwin, who attend middle school in the fictional city of Elmore. They frequently find themselves involved in various shenanigans around the city, during which time they interact with Gumball's family members.

On Philippines, it broadcasted on TV5 from 2013-2014. However, only few clips existed.


  • Sometime February 2013 - The episode "The Painting" (NOT FULL) was found by an unknown user, can be Randomced859.
  • Mid-February 2013 - It became deleted due to a copyright claim.
  • 05/15/16 - A clip from "The Ape" was uploaded by Nicole Semicourt. It looks like an audio is recorded from the episode and then put it on a high-quality episode of it without the English dub.
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