This page is about the animated pilot, for the live-action pilot, see Me and My Friends, the Backyardigans pilot before Nickelodeon picked it up in 2001/2002.

After being rejected in it's original live-action form, Me and My Friends was eventually re-worked into a CGI show , titled The Backyardigans starting in 2001/2002. The pilot was created in CGI during this time and was pitched to Nick Jr, this time, it was accepted.

Originally the plan was to create The Backyardigans using “motion capture,” a procedure that records human movement and translates it onto digital, on-screen models , but it didn’t work for The Backyardigans. Because it looked “too floaty.”. Burgess wanted snap — crisp movement with strikes and specificity.

So far, only 2 clips and a few screenshots have surfaced, one clip is of the characters dancing. The 2nd is also of the characters dancing, but with a different dance, this clip can be found in a Nick Jr Australia promo. The first screenshot is of Pablo and Tyrone in their original designs. The 2nd is of Pablo holding a stick, planning to use it to lift Uniqua out of the mud.



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