The original pilot to Nickelodeon's Barnyard. Not much info is known about it, only that it was created sometime around the year 2000 and is now considered lost, with only a handful of screenshots surfacing. The pilot was produced by DNA Productions for Steven Oedekerk's O Entertainment and originally for Fox in 2000. in which they quote "What do animals do when humans aren't watching?" Although, some clips of the pilot can be seen in a rare teaser trailer for the Barnyard movie. (Which originally, the movie was to be released Holidays 2005 instead of 2006, and that the TV series was to be released in 2006, and not 2007.)



Got Milk?

This guy looks like he's drunk.

My dude looking like the next big rapper.

The Chicken Girls


There are 3 rules for you

Everything's AOK.👌

Dude looks like he's made out of clay.

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