The Blooper Shorts series is a Super Mario Bloopers and ASDFMovie Inspired Flash movie collection created by the now terminated user MicBudden. The movies contain some jokes as "Yahoo" or "Hey Taxi". It even uses references to The Lazor Collection (Don't know if i'm spelling that). The Original Video had the entire series from 1-4. although the animation was crude, it was still low key comedy at it's best. The links to the series on Newgrounds were in the description of the original video, but since that MicBudden was terminated the links were gone. The archived channel of MicBudden's videos don't have any description, so the link was supposedly lost. We tried searching MicBudden on Newgrounds and the only results were the most popular Flash animations/games out there.

Update: Nevermind we found his account already...


The Blooper Shorts Collection!

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